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Creating airflow in industrial buildings during COVID19

August 12, 2020
Creating airflow in industrial buildings during COVID19

The panorama of the COVID19 pandemic in Mexico is continuously increasing the number of contagion cases but it is no longer feasible to keep the production plant stopped. This will force companies to create work environments that comply with the sanitary measures required by the health authorities to continue their operations.

One of the measures recommended by the health authorities is the constant air flow in closed places; avoiding the air remains stagnant in the same area and also avoiding “washed air” or “recycled air”, very common in refrigeration systems for factories and offices.

With Showa Denki 'Windracer' line for directed flow fans you can optimize air circulation in plants and warehouses. The exclusive design of the 'Windracer' differentiates it from any other fan, as it allows directing the flow with great efficiency and a minimum dispersion cone of no more than 3 meters in diameter in 15 meters with a functional range of up to 25 meters, or much more if they are installed in series. This in conjunction with Showa Denki's wall-mounted extractors generates a constant flow to the outside, which keeps the air in constant circulation within the work area. But it will not only serve you to comply with the environmental requirements for COVID19; Added to this, the original function of the 'Windracer' systems help to extract hot air, dust particles and mists, helping to improve the work environment regardless of COVID19. So, it is not only a temporary investment for the pandemic, but a comprehensive solution for the environmental improvement of your factory. 

Use the 'Windracer' fan to direct the flow of air vents in a specific direction, to extract air and hot vapors from areas such as ovens or cooling lines, or to circulate ambient air in a functional and directed way.

Click here to contact our staff, whom will help you analyze the internal flow in your plant and design a optimal positioning of Showa Denki 'Windracer' fans.

For more information about Showa Denki solutions and 'Windracer', please visit our website, or contact Yamazen sales staff at the telephone number +52 472 748 6400

* Important: ‘Windracer’ is not being promoted as an anti-viral measure.

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