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Mist, Dust and Fumes Collectors, Blowers, Fans and Environmental Systems.



With more than 50 years of experience, Showa Denki is one of the largest companies specialized in environmental systems and industrial air filtration. By constantly expanding its product offerings, the Showa Denki catalog has all the necessary products for the correct capture of air, mist and dust from industrial processes, as well as the correct circulation and ventilation of gravel air to its versatile line of fans and extractors.

Showa Denki is divided in serveral specialized product lines:

Mist Collector Line-up

Directed flow fan/extractor 


Specialists on electrical rotative technologies

Specialists on electrical rotative technologies

Since 1950, Showa Denki has specialized in the production of electric motors which are the basis for the development of their extraction and ventilation systems

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Huge application possibilities

Huge application possibilities

The wide variety of types and configurations of Showa Denki equipment ensures that there is a solution for your environmental contamination problem, regardless of the type of industry. From heavy manufacturing, cosmetics, food, chemical. Showa Denki has the solution.

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World class quality and performance.

World class quality and performance.

With production facilities in Thailand, Korea and Japan, Showa Denki ensures that Japanese quality is found in each of its products, providing unrivaled performance.

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Products List

Environmental Improvement equipment

MISTRESA - Colector de Neblina

MISTRESA Mist Collector


Mist collection systems for oil mist and water vapors created by machine tool applications and industrial washing systems.

WORKRÉSA - Mesas con Recolector de Polvo

WORKRÉSA Dust Collecting Tables

The Workrésa WRM™  line are dust-collecting workstations. Ideal stations for product finishing, laboratory, jewerly makers, product clean-up or many other dust producing activities.

GRINDRÉSA - Recolector de Polvos

GRINDRÉSA Dust Collector

Colector de polvo 'Grindesa' de Showa Denki especialmente diseñado para máquinas rectificadoras/amoladoras.

FUMERESA - Recolector de Humos y Olores

FUMERESA Fumes Collector

Colector de olores y humo producidos por procesos de soldadura convencional y/o corte laser

DUSTRÉSA - Colector de Polvo

DUSTRÉSA Dust Collector

Colector de polvo de Showa Denki; tecnología japonesa que recolecta generados por equipo y procesos de producción.

WINDBAG - Ventilador Industrial Portatil

WINDBAG Portable Fan

General purpose ventilation system for blowing, cooling and drying.

WINDRACER - Ventilador / Extractor de Flujo Dirigido

WINDRACER Directed Flow Extractor Fan

 Transform the interior of your plant in a comfortable environment and reduce temperature differences by efficiently distributing the air over long distances!