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New! Real-time Remote Monitoring of Machinery with SIGNAL CHAIN (IoT)

November 10, 2020
New! Real-time Remote Monitoring of Machinery with SIGNAL CHAIN (IoT)
  • Do you know the status of your product processes at this time?
  • If a production line stopped, how long would it take you to find out?
  • Do you still depend on third party reports to know which of your lines are not working?
  • How big was the loss from not being able to make a quick decision regarding the status of your production process?


We invite you to know SIGNAL CHAIN from Business Engineering America, Inc. (beng). SIGNAL CHAIN is a software for monitoring and analyzing the use of machinery, new or old, through IoT devices attached to light signal towers. SIGNAL CHAIN is a simple, effective and low cost solution with high potential for return on investment.


When a status change occurs within your process' machines, messages are sent to registered contacts. But also, the SIGNAL CHAIN solution allows so send status change notifications to remote tower lights with voice message through a built-in MP3 annunciator feature. This feature will ensure that even if you don't see the email messages you will surely see the status on the tower and/or hear the message from the system, therefore making it very easy to quickly respond to problems and issues within your production processes. You'll never ignore the voice!

  • SIGNAL CHAIN ​​automatically collects information on the use of machines and / or processes, new and old, using IoT devices connected to signal towers. This is a simple, fast and profitable solution with a highly efficient ROI (return on investment).
  • The SIGNAL CHAIN ​​system allows you to easily view the real-time status of the machines (ANDON) through the Internet, conveniently grouped into plants, lines or departments.
  • Evaluate daily, weekly or monthly the status records of your operations, identifying trends regarding the operation and downtime of your machinery.
  • Generate KPI reports to analyze statistics and determine the lowest performing teams with performance ranking lists.
  • Recognize the trends of stoppage and frequency of occurrence of problems, all this recorded in the operation status page of each machine.
  • Receive email alerts with every machine condition change for faster response times, as you can send messages to multiple contacts at the same time.
  • Visualize notifications off-site through HTTP-push commands to remote located signal towers (NH-FV Series towers). 
  • Anticipate and record maintenance through maintenance tasks, creating records that allow you to keep machines in optimal condition.

Information flow within the SIGNAL CHAIN solution

The information flow within the SIGNAL CHAIN solution moves as follows:

  1.  An event occurs on a machine or process on-site.
  2. The PATLITE WD Series tower sends a status update to the fixed server or cloud-server and the SIGNAL CHAIN data is updated.
  3. Emails are sent to the registered contacts.
  4. Sub-routines are executed and HTTP-push commands are sent to remote PATLITE NH-FV signal towers.
  5. Remote PATLITE  NH-FV display the proper light signal and audio messages*
  6. Audio messages may also be broadcasted through amplifiers and/or speakers**

*Messages are saved as MP3 files. **Through an audio Line-Out.

PATLITE WD Wireless Data Collecting  Signal Tower

The information is collected through the PATLITE WD system - Wireless Data Collection Signal Towers. The PATLITE WD line are signal towers that can be installed in any type of machinery, new or old, without the need for special networks, other than Wi-Fi (Ethernet). The ZigBee hopping / routing topology allows for flexible network configurations. The wireless transmitters complement the PATLITE towers send the lamp status signals to the servers or to the cloud, as data for visualization and analysis of the SIGNAL CHAIN system. [LME, LE, LR5, LR6 compatible PATLITE models].

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