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New! An Integral Solution for Machining Process Automation with YAMAZEN!

November 07, 2020
New! An Integral Solution for Machining Process Automation with YAMAZEN!

YAMAZEN MEXICANA presents its Integral Solution for Automation of the Machining Process with the combination of the following technologies:

[BROTHER SPEEDIO Compact Machining Center] + [FLEX2 Loading Automation System] + [NACHI Collaborating Robot] + [KITAGAWA Gripper]

YAMAZEN will take care of the engineering, programming and commissioning, while you only worry about your production: All-in-One Turnkey Project. Reduce process time, minimize failures and reduce costs!

What does YAMAZEN's Integral Solution for Machining Process Automation contain?

The implementation contains CNC equipment from the BROTHER SPEEDIO line, the FLEX2 automation cell module designed by YAMAZEN for loading and unloading of workparts, 6-axis NACHI robotic arms and PROMANO grip solutions (jaws - grippers) from KITAGAWA.

BROTHER SPEEDIO Compact Machining Centers:

The most complete line of compact CNC machines on the market, different sizes and features for high precision machining. Machining in 3 axes with movement of up to 1000mm in X axis, with capacity for turning, rotary table to achieve "dead time = 0" (zero waste time) up to 40 tools (R650X2) and peripheral accessories such as 4 / 5th axis rotary table and robotic arm.

FLEX2 Automation Cell:

The FLEX2 automation cell solution allows to further expand the capabilities of the BROTHER SPEEDIO machines through a robotic system that communicates directly with the SPEEDIO models. A single FLEX2 unit can service up to 2 SPEEDIO machines at the same time, and thanks to its compact design, floor space is minimal, maximizing your productivity.

NACHI 6-axis Robotic Arm:

NACHI Robotics has a wide variety of robotic arm solutions that can be adapted to our Integral Solution for Machining Process Automation, but this time we are promoting the CZ10 Slim Collaborative Robotic Arm. The CZ10 arm is designed with human-friendly functions that allow you to skip the use of security fences, facilitating its installation without major special requirements. Among the security measures of the CZ10 are its ability to stop when it touches people, which, along its design without sharp edges or points, it avoids accidents due to bruising or crushing. In addition to this, the programming of the robot can be done by moving the robot manually.

KITAGAWA Gripper with integrated measurement:

KITAWAGA's PROMANO line of grippers provide the latest to automation solutions. KITAGAWA grippers provide compact, sturdy, strong and stable low-profile clamping systems with high repeatability, ensuring constant quality in the positioning of your work pieces and therefore, allowing to maintain and increase productivity. Easy to use and with a wide range of variations, PROMANO responds to current and future automation needs thanks to its immediate measurement technologies (NPGT Series), which allow it to feed back results directly to the process from the moment the part is transported to and from machining. In addition, its quick-change jaws make maintenance or workpiece change easy. The entire plate can be changed quickly (Quick Change Gripper).

  • Reliable: Simple but optimal design structures that minimize the number of parts..
  • Powerful: Efficient mechanical system that ensures a firm grip.
  • Sturdy: Jaws made of special abrasion resistant metal alloys to maintain stable grip.
  • Compact: Compact body made of high tensile alloy that allows low weight and high rigidity.

Come to us to automate your machining process, and allow yourself to reduce production time and reduce manufacturing costs! Leave everything in the hands of the YAMAZEN MEXICANA engineering team. Call us at tel. 472-7486400, or contact us at info@yamazen.com.mx, or through chat on our website www.yamazen.com.mx. We look forward to it!

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