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X Ray inspection on metal working and the TOSHIBA CT Scans

July 26, 2019
X Ray inspection on metal working and the TOSHIBA CT Scans

Since its discovery by Roentgen in 1895, X-rays -a name curiously adopted by Roentgen because he had no idea what they were- have found great application for mankind both in the human health field and in the general industry. In metallurgy, the non-destructive inspection of products is a fundamental process of quality assurance. The cutting of materials for inspection may cause variations in the composition or configuration of the examined material, either by heating due to friction or deformation at the time the material is torn off. Enter here the computerized tomography (CT Scan) for manufacturing parts production processes, where extremely sensitive sensors (such as those of the TOSHIBA TOSCANER line) are able to recreate in great detail the composition and / or structure of the analyzed parts in materials such as aluminum, titanium, inconel, bronze, copper, steel, iron, plastics or resins, creating 2D cutting images or 3D volumetric models with a variety of analysis options, including geometric and dimensional, physical and stress analysis, all this without compromising the structure of the test piece.

Inspection areas by X-ray computed tomography (CT Scan)

Among the possible inspection areas with X-ray scanning are:

Physical analysis for defects, fissures or empty spaces:

  • As we said before, traditionally the search for hidden physical defects requires an invasive and destructive process of the piece. X-ray scanning allows to detect mechanical weaknesses, fissures, inclusions, porosities and other internal characteristics, and present the information as three-dimensional renders.

Dimensional and geometric analysis:

  • Traditionally, geometric analysis can only be generated on the workpiece’s external dimensions with CMM coordinate measuring machines. X-ray scanners allow complete internal measurement without destructive processes regardless of geometric complexity, and internal geometric information can also be shared with other devices such as 3D printers.


  • X-ray scanning allows the assembled components to be observed in their functional position without disassembling the finished products, allowing spatial analysis of the position of the pieces or the position of a particular component within the assembly.

Finite element method:

  • With X-ray scanning data, computerized image processing systems can create structures for finite element analysis, which allows modeling or analyzing materials at the structural level such as alloys or compounds or analyzing mechanical behavior.




TOSHIBA scanners

Since its discovery, TOSHIBA quickly began the development of X-ray technologies that could be applied to a wide variety of industrial fields, thus responding to continuously more diverse and sophisticated needs. Here is the line of TOSHIBA X-ray analysis solutions:

X-ray micro focus inspection systems

  • TXView / TOSMICRON: Advanced micro focus with a  5µm focal point ideal for inspection of compact electronic components
  • TXLamino: Nano advanced focus with a 0.8µm focal point designed for high density integrated circuits.

 Fluoroscopic x-ray inspection systems

  • TOSRAY and X’s Series: fluoroscopic systems with 0.1mm focal point, and option of manual or automatic inspection (by position, sequential images, or by batch) with inspection analysis by sampling or batch. These can be installed in production lines or in observational analysis processes (TOSRAY HSC camera type).

 High performance inspection systems

  • TXScanner (Micro CT): Digital engineering with high precision sectional images and 3D shapes extracted from objects; up to 300kV of x-ray generation power.
  • TOSCANER (Industrial High Energy CT): 450kV of X-ray generation power with a 0.4mm focal point for large samples (600mm in diameter by 600mm in height).

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