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Effective Manufacturing: TAKISAWA LATHE TT2100G & TCC1100G L2 SERIES

February 15, 2019
Effective Manufacturing: TAKISAWA LATHE TT2100G & TCC1100G L2 SERIES

How to Produce More in Less Time, Budget, and Space?

This is the problem that the manufacturing industry has faced since the origins.

Thanks to TAKISAWA Machine Tools maker and to their continue effort to be better day by day and making the manufacturing process easier, TAKISAWA offers a big solution to this issue, having developed the CNC lathe TT2100G & TCC 1100G L2 Series.

What is the TT2100G series and what offer?

It is a parallel CNC lathe which it brings a Twin spindle – Twin turret and high speed gantry to increase the efficiency in tasks that normally are carried by 2 lathes, requiring more space, investment and generating a lot of dead time to move the workpiece from the first to the second operation stage. The high speed gantry it’s a very effective and easy to operate system, whereby loading and unloading aren’t a problem for operators.



The operation mustn’t be necessarily using the 2 spindles every time, in case the job can be performed by single spindle, it’s just matter to select Right or Left side by pushing a button

All in one

The gantry routine can be modified as much as the user needs, using a very easy-to-use software that is included into the control.
Whether your company is massive production oriented or you are thinking to take the next step, there is no doubt that the TT2100G series it’s the best option to reach your goals in the short time.

Main Specs and Features


TAKISAWA TCC 1100G L2 SERIES: High Productivity and High Quality at Low Cost

What is TCC1100G L2 series and what offer?

TCC 1100G L2 series it’s the most suitable Gantry type 2 axis CNC lathe for machining small parts such as flange and shafts using a 6” chuck with an option for hydraulic tailstock. The compactness of this machines is exceptional, the floor space required for this machine it’s just 2.34m2 including the 2 stations for loading and stacking.
In case you have a limited area to install a new process, this machine could be the smallest solution.


Main Specification & Features






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