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BV7 loading system by Brother

August 26, 2020
BV7 loading system by Brother

BROTHER keeps constantly innovating and presents the new robotic arm for machining processes for automation, BV7-870 for the SPEEDIO S300X2 and S500X2 machines.

Compact and easy to install, the BV7-870 is a vertical articulated robotic loading arm directly assembled to the lateral body of the machine, which allows horizontal displacement along the lateral parts [TR Axis]. Along with this axis, the arm complements its mobility with another 3 rotation points, 2 on the arm [J1, J2] and another on the tip [J3] which gives it excellent range of motion, with a total reach length of 870mm and load capacity of 7kg.

Simple Design

The 4 axes of movement are designed to maintain a simple design while still considering the SPEEDIO machine’s loading and unloading functions. This small number of components serves to minimize costs and maintenance periods. The loading system and accessories such as jigs, assemblies, sliding side door and actuator valves are provided as standard equipment depending on the type of work.

Compact Structure

Designed to fit within the lateral parts of the machine with minimal space, the BV7-870 can be designed as a left or right hand device in accordance with the process and the location of the rest of the process equipment inside the plant, and due to this lateral loading, it does not obstruct the main access nor does it prevent the normal use of the control panel of the SPEEDIO machine.

Ease of Use

The connection between the BV7-870 arm and the SPEEDIO machine is fully linked, with 16 monitored I/O signals (including the weight load), and since the solution is factory assembled, no startup processes or extra configuration are necessary at the time of machine delivery, minimizing installation time on site. In addition, the arm can be reprogrammed through the pendant control and a PC, so it can be adapted to changing processes and customer needs.

Characteristics of the BV7 loading system
Type: Vertical Articulated Robotic Arm

 Number of axis:


 Rated payload:


 Repeated positioning accuracy:


 Supported devices:

 S300X2 / S500X2

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