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September 07, 2020

It is essential for every company to maintain an inventory control, and the faster you arrange to implement your own management system, the faster you will have more time to take care of your business.

For this reason you must use different tools and techniques to maintain inventory control in your company and thus obtain the following objectives:

  • Keep information updated.
  • Avoid waste.
  • Save time when counting inventories.
  • Have successful control over inventories.
  • Have an inventory historical record.
  • To be able to add other information to your products when making merchandise entries and movements to the inventory, such as: Lot, distribution area, expiration date, etc.
  • Obtain information on production costs in order to set competitive prices.
  • Maintain healthy IMMEX inventories (Annex 31 and 24)

A large part of small and medium-sized companies in Mexico lack proper inventory management, either due to ignorance or to perceive this activity as an expense.

"Inventory control is the basis of an economic balance for your company or business ..."

According to the results published by INEGI in the National Survey of Victimization of Companies (ENVE) 2018, one of the most prevalent crimes is small petty theft, so it is advisable to have an inventory control system to minimize the risk of loss of merchandise.

In addition to having technological tools, how should you efficiently control your inventory? Below we show you the basic techniques and methods to keep an efficient inventory control.

ABC Technique:

This ‘ABC’ method tries to classify your inventories, according to the monetary value it represents for your company.

Re-stocking point:

This re-stocking point sets a minimum limit for each of the products you handle. And at the moment of crossing the limit you must place a new order in order to maintain an appropriate stock.

Production control:

To maintain control over your production, you must keep in mind 3 fundamental variables:

1.         Business sales

2.         Production processes duration

3.         Item lifespan

MATRIX Inventory Management Systems

A system that links purchases, billing, accounting and payment collections. By having these areas unified, your business process will take place in record time.

The techniques described base their utility on methods and strategies that seek to simplify the commercial process of any business. And the most remarkable thing is that today they can improve your business process and save you time by integrating each of the areas involved in this process.

Another objective that you must have for your business is to find technologies that help you optimize time and effort to reach your goals set day by day.

That is why we present the MATRIX’ technological family, automatic dispensers of industrial tools. Electromechanical technology managed by its own management software, which will help you to have total inventory control to optimize your warehouse.

The ‘MATRIX’ family of solutions includes:

MAXI and MINI cabinets: they are erected with a large capacity, an elegant and ergonomic design. Chest of drawers with ergonomically design electromechanical opening compartments. MINI cabinets can be mounted on a DLS4 cabinet.


DLS 8 / 4D cabinets: An economical solution with flexible drawer divisions suitable for small and large items. With 8 or 4 drawers with electronic lock. Industrial type cabinet with electromechanical opening drawers.


WIZ shelves modular system: Perfect for large and MRO tools. Multiple door / locker options. Industrial shelving of doors with electromechanical opening, with LED lighting, adjustable shelves and with capacity of 4 to 18 doors per locker column.


ToolPort 8D / 4D Dispenser: Small tool dispensing machine. Up to 1600 individually boxed units capacity.


Industry 4.0 Solutions.

MATRIX cabinets and shelves are complemented by INDUSTRY 4.0 solutions:

MATRIX Android: Smartphone app (requires MANAGE ver. 6.5) 

Matrix Pouch: Real-Time production resources tracking through RFiD 

MATRIX RTLS: Real-Time resource location through Bluetooth and IoT. 

The MATRIX’ family will help you:

  •  Reduce costs
  •  Ensure production output
  •  Ensure continuous production
  •  Optimize stock levels
  •  Streamline purchases
  •  Control the cost per unit (CPU)
  •  Select the correct tools for each type of work

And other functions of the ‘MATRIX’ family are:

  1.  Manual and file inventory captures that are usually used when they are massive.
  2.  Generates the movements automatically as long as it is linked to inventories.
  3.  Reports (stocks, costs) where you can view all the movements of that product.

In addition, the Matrix management software system allows you to add your own shelving locations to control any other product and tool under the same system, even if they are not within automated cabinets.

The family of tools ‘Matrix’ are adaptable to different business types or to other processes you perform.

Would you like to know more about the benefits and functionality of ‘MATRIX’? Just click here to fill out a form with your information, and soon an advisor will contact you for a demonstration.

Luis Daniel Arzola (daniel.arzola@yamazen.com.mx)

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