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Environmental Improvement Equipment

On control of industrial fumes, dust and mists; collectors and other devices.

December 04, 2020
On control of industrial fumes, dust and mists; collectors and other devices.

On this occasion we want to talk to you about systems for environmental improvement, in particular, controling the production of fumes, dusts and mists.

It is not necessary to comment on the importance of proper management of volatile elements in the industrial work environment, whatever the industry. It is not only to maintain a clean and comfortable work environment, or to comply with environmental regulations, but to keep a healthy workforce that maintains its efficiency and good spirits. In the end, proper handling of all these volatile elements (fumes, dusts, mists),

Next we will present some solutions that we have available in Yamazen Mexicana.

Machining Mist Collectors:

Mist collectors are suction devices that are responsible for collecting the mist produced by the evaporation and / or atomization of the cooling element (coolant) resulting from the machining processes. The machining coolant is the lubricating cutting aid made of some fatty liquid (it can be derived from petroleum or animal or vegetable fat), usually mixed with water. Even the friendliest coolants can be harmful when atomized and breathed in during long exposures as is the case with machining operators, so preventing the mist from escaping the machine into the environment should be considered a priority. In addition, the machining mist in the environment will end up dirtying all the surfaces it comes in contact with, thus creating an unsightly and potentially dangerous environment by making the surfaces dirty and slippery..

Yamazen Mexicana offers several brands with different models, each with specific advantages for certain conditions.. 

MISTRESA Series / Showa Denki:

Filter collector that also allows you to collect fine powders with easily accessible filters for maintenance. Allows you to change filters without disconnecting the tubing.

HEAVY SMOKER Series / Akamatsu/Onikaze:

High performance collector that stops particles down to 0.3 microns and is capable of dealing with fumes and soot. Powerful, versatile and durable. 

SMG Series / Akamatsu/Onikaze:

Cyclonic centrifugal separation system, with minimum maintenance and no filters. The filterless design and its 'Smart Drain Box' drainage system efficiently separate chips and sludge even without filters, reducing the need for maintenance to a minimum..

GME Series / Apiste:

Collector with collection by rotary impigment disk and positive pressure drainage system, where it is not necessary to submerge the drain hose compared to conventional negative pressure models.

Dust Collectors:

Dust collection systems allow you to reduce the amount of volatile dry particles in the environment by reducing the accumulation of dust and dirt and avoiding eye and respiratory irritation to personnel. In addition, explosion-proof models allow you to increase workplace safety within your work areas by eliminating accumulation of potentially explosive and / or flammable dusts (aluminum, magnesium, coal, sawdust, flours, grains).

GDE Series / Apiste:

High-performance collectors equipped with an ultra-fine nano-fiber filter and the "Green Pulse" jet cleaning system. It also operates with a control that allows saving operation data as well as external operation.

DUSTERESA Series / Showa Denki:

Large filter area design with molded fiber filter improves performance and reduces clogging without losing efficiency.

PiF Series / Amano:

High performance collector with tower design that facilitates cleaning of the device by "peeling" (peel-off).

WORKRESA Series / Showa Denki:

Dust collection table with automatic vibration cleaning system and coupling for compressed air tools.


Fume Collectors:

Specially designed to collect smoke and soot from welding positions and other activities with risk of sparks, preventing the entry of these irritating elements into the respiratory system, as well as their accumulation in work areas.

FD-10 Series / Amano:

1.7m long flexible nozzle smoke collection system and flame retardant materials.

FUMERESA Series / Showa Denki:

Compact and robust fume collection system. Also available with double tank and articulated arm. Ideal for electric arc welding.

SUPERCOLLECTOR Series / Akamatsu/Onikaze:

General functionality heavy duty collector with dual capture system. Collects fumes, soot, dust and mists all in one device. Available with a fire prevention system and a water film filter that extinguishes sparks and moistens dusts, preventing fire and / or explosions. Uses: automotive, welding, food, chemical, forging, etc.


Centralized collector equipment::

All these solutions can be installed with large-format centralized collectors that serve the collection throughout your warehouse from a single centralized device. YAMAZEN provides engineering, volumetry, design, equipment selection and installation in a single quote.

Lo invitamos a conocer estas y muchas otras soluciones en nuestro piso de exhibición en nuestras oficinas de Silao, Gto. O contáctenos al tel. 472-7486400 o al correo info@yamazen.com.mx.

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