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Kyocera’s new cutting tool technologies!

February 09, 2019
Kyocera’s new cutting tool technologies!

Continuous development is an ongoing operation that no technological company may squander on. Modern industries constantly face new challenges and cutting tool technologies are no exception; a constant push for efficiency and lower production costs forces cutting tool supplying companies to innovate both in material and design processes. With this mindset, Kyocera proudly introduces its newest line of turning cutting tools.

Introducing the CVD Coated Carbide Grade for Steel CA025P

The next generation on chemical vapor coating (CVD) coated inserts grade CA025P from Kyocera Precision Tools features a new substrate (thickened alumina) and new chemical deposition process that allow improved wear resistance and reduced plastic deformation for high temperatures (compared with the competitors’ products), providing a smooth surface during the tool’s lifetime. Also, a thicker and highly stable substrate provides excellent resistance to fractures, and a specialized post-coating process prevents ripped material adhesion. This grade has excellent performance in hard materials such as stainless steel or Inconel or even titanium, both in continuous or medium interrupted cutting.
The CA025P grade is available now in practically any geometry and chip breaker configuration allowing it to work on any part of the machining process, from roughing to finishing with stable machining at high feed rates, up to 1050 sfm (avg. 790 sfm) on negative for low to medium carbon steel/alloy 150~250HB.

Please follow this link for a promotional video of the product:


Introducing the JCT Coolant-Through Series of insert holders

Carbide cutting inserts are but just half the solution to the industries complex machining problems, therefore Kyocera introduces the JCT Series Coolant-through holders. Whatever your necessity –turning, grooving, cut-off, threading- there is a JTC Series holder suited for your needs. The advantage of the JTC Series design compared to the competitors’ solutions is that the high pressure (1,015psi) coolant flow discharges directly to the cutting tool’s edge adding excellent added chip control and improving the already-extended tool life.

You may worry that adding this new solution to your process may be difficult, but in reality Kyocera provides the necessary parts and installation, even without a high pressure pump available (commercial piping parts may be used if the thread standards are the same; check pressure resistance before use).

Double-Clamp JCT

Included in the line-up is the Double-Clamp JCT model which also discharges from the clamping piece towards the rake surface of the insert through a unique nozzle shaped clamp pieces, facilitating higher speed machining with a direct three-jet flow of coolant.




KGD-JTC for Grooving and Cut-Off

The KGD model discharges directly to the rake surface and flank face of the insert, greatly improving the chip control even at low feed-rates.




KTN-JTC for Threading

By providing efficient tool cooling from the clamping piece and, the defect rate is drastically reduced. The coolant jet smoothly evacuates chips away from the cutting edge reducing clogging, preventing chip re-cutting and helping chip breaking (at over 870psi). All these, when combined with the TQ chip breaker design result in greater productivity on your threading processes.

Please visit this link for a promotional video of the product


Kyocera Precision tools continuously pushes for innovation and production excellence. We invite you to give the CA025P grade and the JCT Series holders a test run in order to convince yourself that these are indeed the right solution for your turning needs. Contact your Yamazen agent and ask for a consultation visit and schedule a test.

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