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Special Price! Yamasaki Giken YMZ-850: low cost BT40 CNC machining center

September 22, 2020
Special Price! Yamasaki Giken YMZ-850: low cost BT40 CNC machining center

Yamazen Mexicana presents a great opportunity to acquire a powerful BT-40 machine tool at an unbeatable price! Japanese quality and high performance within reach of your process. The YAMASAKI YMZ-850 machine offers versatility, machining power, and ease of use in one package.


(Our offer includes standard installation and accessories as well as transportation to any point in the Bajío)

Download the promotion flyer here:

YAMASAKI manufacturing concept is a high-performance vertical CNC machining center that can meet various requirements, from mass production to single-piece machining and high-precision machining. We propose this product to you with confidence based on the sales results in Mexico and practically 100% customer satisfaction.

Easy operation without G code program input

Isn't it bothersome to enter a G code program just to do a little processing? Yamasaki Giken YMZ-850 has a “Guidance Function” (conversational type) that allows to create machining programs without G code program input.

High cost-effective Japanese-made CNC machining center

The reason why we can deliver a high cost-effective Japanese-made machining center is because we are in a cooperative relationship with Taiwan, and only final assembly is done in Japan. Among machine tools, proper assembly technology (accuracy) is the most necessary feature to maintain high precision for many years and manufacture high quality machine tools. Yamasaki Giken has more than 50 years of history since its establishment and is a machine tool manufacturer mainly based on the traditional Japanese "scraping (Kisage)" technology. YMZ-850 is assembled based on the uncompromised product accuracy that comes from this technology.


Have you ever had a hard time setting a heavy work with a crane? According to customers who were introduced to Yamasaki Giken YMZ-850 in addition to other companies' CNC machining centers made in Japan, there is a large front clearance (950mm wide) and space in the machine when placing heavy objects on the table top using a crane. The machine can be easily set the work on the top of the table in comparison, and this also makes maintenance easier.

Reliability with FANUC control devices

The control unit is equipped with FANUC control and delivers high reliability. If you are troubled with the American-based CNC machining center, your answer selecting the YMZ-850.

Versatile options

If you want to manufacture mold parts, you can add the AI Contour Control II + Smooth Surface and Data Server (2GB) and the heat expansion compensation and work touch probe. In addition, in the case of parts processing, you can consider adding a spindle high power motor (specs 11/15/18.5kW), a center through coolant unit (BBT spindle spec), a 4th axis additional interface and an automatic door and guidance function.

We offer after-sales service of Yamasaki Giken YMZ-850 as well and we will visit you anywhere in Mexico. If you are interested, please feel free to contact our machine sales representative.

Learn more here! https://yamazen.com.mx/en/product/cnc-lathe/yamasaki/ymz-850-cnc-center/

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