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SPECIAL OFFER, Nikken ZERO FIT tool holders line

August 13, 2020
SPECIAL OFFER, Nikken ZERO FIT tool holders line

On average, the spindle run-out accuracy on a CNC machine tends to decrease after 2-3 years of continuous use by an average of 0.001mm~0.004mm@100mm. The implementation of a ZERO FIT tool holder allows a quick adjust of the spindle run-out offset, improving it by 0.001mm~0.002mm@100mm.

The “Multi-Cam” fine adjustment allows avoiding variations between the adjustment on the machine vs the adjustment on the preseter through up to 3 points* 'Multi Cam' type adjustment (depending on the model); 2 points 'Fine Adjust Cam' and 1 point 'Master Cam', which allows a rapid improvement in the finish and quality of the work surface and extending the useful life of the cutting element. Simple, fast and safe with a wide variety of adjustment ranges.

* Notice: not all ZERO FITs have a 'Multi Cam' type.

If you have run-out problems in the spindle take the opportunity to solve it. We will have special prices until October 2020.

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