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NEW! Multi-Station Interface / Display MG80 / LT80 MAGNESCALE

December 03, 2020
NEW! Multi-Station Interface / Display MG80 / LT80 MAGNESCALE

Introducing the new MG80 / LT80 data display and interface system!

Sistema de adquisición de datos de alta velocidad (hasta 16 canales) de nueva generación.

New generation high speed data acquisition system (up to 32 channels).

Whether you are installing a new solution, or need to update your current process, the new interface of the LT80 model allows you to have more information in a single dislpay, optimizing space and facilitating the use, saving and presentation of the information.


Los principales componentes de la solución son:

  • LT80-NE Heavy Duty 7 "LCD Screen: Multiple measurement modes (Current Value, Max, Min, ADD / SUB, P-P)
  • MG80 Expandable Measurement Module: Connect up to 32 MAGNESCALE DK or DT series gauges; use the 'latch' module to connect a rotary encoder.
  • LZ80 I / O Module: Communicate data with PLC's, up to 2 modules with 8 I / O connections each.


  • Scalar function for data correction by backlash (LT80).
  • Combine angle and height data with the MG80 'Latch' module option.
  • Use an LT80 interface to change parameters or review data from multiple MG80 modules.
  • Control processes directly from the LT80 unit with its I / O module.

Whether you are planning process integration, or upgrading the technology of an existing process, consider changing / upgrading to the LT80 / MG80 series: Fast, versatile, complete.

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