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Seminars Mitutoyo / Kyocera in Yamazen Mexicana

February 27, 2020
Seminars Mitutoyo / Kyocera in Yamazen Mexicana

Yamazen Mexicana has held in its facilities located in the inner harbor in Silao, Guanajuato, a day of technical seminars during last Friday, February 21.

Technical seminars developed by representatives of the brands 'Mitutoyo' and ' Kyocera'; who addressed contents of great relevance for the development and continuous improvement of the professionals of the manufacturing industry in Mexico who have accompanied us.

The topics that were addressed during the technical seminars are:


In addition, taking advantage of the date, also within our facilities, in Silao; An 'Open-House' was held where more than 10 brands of different industrial equipment and tools were exhibited. Each of the brands has accompanied us with their respective representatives, who presented to the more than 120 attendees, the operation and productivity of their industrial technologies. The exhibition was carried out by brands such as: Brother , Takisawa , Kyocera , Blum , CKD , Kato , among others.


On Saturday, February 22, also at our facilities in Silao, a special event was developed for the Japanese community based in Mexico, and those who are involved with the metalworking and automotive industry.  

Yuki Yamamoto, CEO of HILLTOP Co., Ltd., a small Japanese company, has presented a topic of great relevance:

'Touching hardware, making an intelligent factory!' - Realization of the first prototype of unmanned aluminum machining for 24 hours.

Based on the secrets of the Hilltop system, various problems of the industrial sector have been examined, with the purpose of improving productivity in Mexico.

Yuki Yamamoto, who after serving as factory and human resources manager at HILLTOP Co., Ltd., has founded Hilltop Technology Inc. in Irvine, California; and has become CEO / president during 2018.

The Yamazen Mexicana team thanks all the participants for having accompanied us for 2 days of activities. Hoping that it was all to your liking, we send you our best regards.

If you are interested in participating in our next technical seminars, click here to reserve your space, providing your contact information.

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