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Get the most out of your CNC with NIKKEN tool holders.

October 20, 2020
Get the most out of your CNC with NIKKEN tool holders.

During our visits to plants and workshops over the years, we have seen thousands of different parts being manufactured and thousands of different machining strategies always being applied with one objective in mind, making the part in the shortest possible time obtaining a final product with quality and precision without spending another minute or step unnecessarily. In the end, how close we get to this goal will define the destiny of our business.

Of course, there are processes that seem to have already achieved a great end result, and that is where the need arises to develop tooling with even more virtues and capabilities above the standard that allow us to take our machines to another level of efficiency, increasing our productivity and always delivering valuable products.

And so,it is that when we talk about machining, we always bet on a cutting tool with better performance and more powerful, faster and more precise machines, however, in Mexico there is a disconnect between suppliers of machine tools, accessories and cutting tools, for this reason there is a niche where Yamazen as a Total Solution Provider has much to offer for the optimization of industrial machining in our country.

Manufacturers of CNC machining centers will promote their machine regardless of the cutting tool used in them, cutting tool brands will seek to promote their product knowing that the customer already has the machine, but a market that very few understand deep enough and that we put aside on a daily basis is the holding tool.

It is not uncommon to find Machining Centers with impressive capabilities being used below their true potential using high-end, priced bits and cutters equipped with the latest generation coatings and all this investment and expense is not reflected in a superior quality product. .

A market has been created in Mexico for low-quality cones, poor performance, or little technology and as a constant, cheap, which however, are very expensive for what they offer, saving a few dollars or the ignorance of new technologies in fastening make workshops spend on cones as if they were consumables due to their low durability and while they last functional they throw pieces with precision and a highly improved finish.

Yamazen Mexicana understands the machining process as a whole, where each component plays an essential role and specifically speaking of clamping technologies, we bring the leader in manufacturing and sales of cones NIKKEN from Japan.

Let's imagine a cone, which can provide the most competitive advantages in the market:

  • The practicality of nozzles with 4 times more clamping force than an ER
  • A vibration control system that extends the life of the cutting tool up to 3 times

  • A superior finish that eliminates additional operations in our machining.
  • A price so competitive that it can be used in general by industry and machine shops since it lasts longer, produces more and does not require special machines or accessories to use.
  • And added rigidity by creating a contact face between the nozzle and a revolutionary “TIN Bearing” system that allows us to safely use more aggressive machining strategies.

These advantages added to the already famous NIKKEN quality is what has been called "2LOCK MAJOR DREAM CHUCK" a simply dreamy cone!

It's as good as it sounds!… Do you want to try it?

We invite you to discover the NIKKEN tool holder line on our show floor in our Puerto Interior office in Silao, Gto. Call your area sales agent, or if you don't have one yet, contact us at tel. 472-7486400, to our email info@yamazen.com.mx, or through our website.

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