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QUAVA Series Sistemas Ultrasónicos para Lavado Industrial

The QUAVA Series line-up work within the middle-upper frequency range of the KAIJO ultrasonic solutions,all the way up to 3,000kHz (3MHz) and multiple oscillation modes.

- QUAVA Multi: 26kHz-160kHz / This generator drives three frequencies to one transducer array without degrading efficiency.
- QUAVA mini REACTOR: 26kHz-1.6MHz / Compact and versatile, suitable for cleaning precision parts and small substrates.
- QUAVA: 26kHz-950kHz / High Power generator designed for precise cleaning of machine parts, ceramics, circuit, medical and optic components. 4 oscillation modes available.
- QUAVA Spot: 430kHz-3000kHz(3MHz) / Design for superfine cleaning while minimizing sonic damage to fragile items such as HDD Media, FPD glass and semiconductor wafers,  

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