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NEW! Intelligent Assist Balancer - Zero G

March 02, 2021
NEW! Intelligent Assist Balancer - Zero G

We present a new product for our customers!

Intelligent Assist Electrical Balancer / Zero G - MoonLifter!

From the manufacturer UNIPULSE / ROBOTEC Japan, we present the MoonLifter balancer line-up:

Move loads from 10 to 1500kg with precision and minimal effort!

Ideal for assembly, positioning, warehouse handling, fragile product handling, cargo handling in awkward or difficult positions.

Minimize the possibility of injury and reduce part damage from product handling errors.

Use examples

- Work freely with both hands.
- Precise and intuitive positioning.
- Easy to install and operate.
- 2 types of inertia cancellation for different jobs:
     1.- Stop the movement with the hand
     2.- Stop the movement when releasing the piece

You can configure the configurable speed and distance limit, automatic brake off, and includes an emergency stop. Optional accessories are available such as displays, wireless controls, specialized clamping jigs, and connection to PLC.

Momentum cancellation examples

It can be configured in pairs to move very long loads (such as tubes or beams) regardless of the location of the center of gravity.

Use examples:

Precise handling of heavy materials for assembly

Simple and safe handling when repeatedly lifting manual load

Comfortable handling of unbalanced or very long parts.


Advantages of use comparison to hoists.

Compressed air is required Only electricity is required
Complex weight adjustment Single button adjustment
Dangerous when/if weight shifts You can change the weight while it is hanging
Chain may get loose Automatic blocking chain
One hand is necessary on the control You can work with both hands
Precision positioning is difficult Precise positioning with both hands is possible. 
Loads bump when setting on the floor Load sets smoothly on the ground avoiding scratches or bumps
Unbalanced or long loads are difficult to move Unbalanced or long loads are easy to move with either single or synchronized dual balancers

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