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NEW! FIAM's eTensil Controlled Torque Screwdrivers

February 11, 2021
NEW! FIAM's eTensil Controlled Torque Screwdrivers

YAMAZEN presents FIAM's eTensil line of controlled torque, both manually and automatically operated screwdrivers!

FIAM's eTensil sets the benchmark in the world of industrial tightening. Fiam's long-time expertise with air tightening solutions allows them to raise the bar in electric manual and automatic tightening tools.

FIAM is the Italian tightening solutions leader and among the main solution providers within Europe and worldwide. With over 65 years of experience and innovation in tightening and air tools solutions, FIAM strives to guarantee max trustability, quality, and productivity within your production process; home appliance manufacture, automotive, aerospatial, industrial maintenance are just some of the application areas for FIAM's solutions.

FIAM's eTensil tools are accurate, efficient, versatile, and intelligent tightening electronically controlled screwdriver solutions. eTensil tools work with intelligent power supply units that provide the right electrical power level for each operational mode while continuously monitor the tightening process. Highly visible LEDs allow clear viewing of the operational status (rotation independent hi/low speed, clutch status, anomalies, emergencies), and isolated signals allow remote control and functionality activation. 

Through the power unit "Smart Pro" programming directly into the tool without modifying the mechanical set-up is allowed. The programming signaling LEDs are located on the tool's body.

  • 4 different pre-set start-up modalities from the tool (lever, push, lever+push, latched lever+ push).
  • Untightening function
  • Starting block
  • Pre and/or Post-auto untightening (4 turns loosening before or after tightening)
  • Soft start (ramping speed)

Special management power units:

The power unit model TPU-M1 allows quick and proper tightening process management:

  • Connected tool automatic recognition.
  • Screw-counting function.
  • Cycle outcome memory storage.
  • Signal LEDs (Red=Not OK, Yellow=End of cycle, Green=Cycle progress)
  • Tightening time check
  • PLC I/O and monitoring programs (different time, sequences, torque, angles)
  • Visual results (OK, NOK)
  • Interfacing with external devices (jigs, clamps, stations)
  • All "Smart Pro" programming options.

The eTensil line-up includes the latest technical advances in technology and design, with a latest-generation brushless motor and a low-noise reduction assembly to go along with an ergonomic grip and sturdy construction design to last and guarantee a safe and efficient performance.

The eTensil tools optional configuration cater to all production needs. 

  • Angled models and pistol grip adapters
  • Screw suction device
  • ESD certification and dust-proof construction
  • Compatible with FIAM's Tightening Operation (TOM) and Tightening Position (TPM) monitors
  • Nut-runners motors versions for automation
  • FIAM's Easy-Driver automated screw feeding system compatible.
Video Presentation for eTensil

Join FIAM's electrical revolution on tightening processes! 

Download the eTensil catalog <here>.

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