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Yamazen Mexicana celebrates its 5th anniversary

September 21, 2019
Yamazen Mexicana celebrates its 5th anniversary

The company of Japanese origin, Yamazen Mexicana, marketer of machinery and industrial tools; strategic partner of the automotive sector in Mexico, has celebrated its fifth anniversary since its inauguration.

In our facilities in Puerto Interior, in Silao; an ‘open-house’ was held and technical seminars were given by experts from ‘Mitutoyo’, ‘OSG Royco’ and ‘Toyo Business Engineering’. In addition, more than 41 international brands of industrial equipment and tools were exhibited, respectively each accompanied by representatives to explain to more than 200 attendees the operation and productivity of the technologies. The exhibition was carried out by brands such as: Brother, Takisawa, NTK, Kitagawa, Showa, Kyocera, CKD, Kato, among others. We had the participation of Engineer Óscar Albín, president of the ‘Industria Nacional de Autopartes S.C.’ (INA), who presented the ‘Current state and prospects of the Mexican automotive industry based on the USMCA.


Yamazen Mexicana, which corporate office is located in Osaka, Japan, currently has three offices from which all our clients in Mexico are served:

  • Silao
  • San Luis Potosí
  • Monterrey.

Yamazen Mexicana already collaborates with more than 350 companies, for whom we have developed engineering, industrial machinery and CNC projects. And we have an administrative, operational and engineering team of more than 40 people and we continue to grow.


Speaking to the media, the CEO, Yuji Yoshikura, explained that our main market is the automotive sector; and that the commercial horizons have begun to expand towards industries such as aeronautics, steel, paillery, textiles and manufacturing-assembly of white goods and derivatives.

All the industries in Mexico constantly demand the continuous improvement of their processes, as well as machinery and tools with more durability and precision. What, together with our Yamazen Mexicana value-added offer, provides comprehensive solutions with logistics, customs management and air, sea and land transfers. We currently serve companies of Japanese origin as in many other countries. Having technology equipment imported directly from Japan to the door of all businesses and companies in any region of Mexico.

On the night of Friday, September 20, 2019, we invite a private dinner at the Hotsson León hotel, representatives and managers of our clients and suppliers, as well as senior managers of corporate Yamazen. Together more than 150 people, highlighting the presence of:



We take this opportunity to thank the trust placed in Yamazen Mexicana by customers, distributors, suppliers and equipment.

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