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PULSTEC Inc. Analytical Optical Systems.

PULSTEC Industrial is a manufacturer of systems and equipment for measurement and evaluation of data by non-invasive means such as: X-rays, 3D contactless scanning and laser analysis.

Their product offer includes:

- Residual Stress X-ray Analyzers (μ-X360s)

- Contactless Surface Hardness Variation Scanner (muraR)

- 3D laser scanners

- Tomographs and visible wave sensors for transparent or translucent products (lenses, optical parts, light sources)

With a strong emphasis on research and development supported by engineering and ingenuity, PULSTEC develops equipment to meet specific testing and evaluation needs for the present and future customers' requirements regarding quality and productivity, reaching high standards through the compilation of composite technologies, with 117 patents granted to date.


Extensive experience in electronics manufacturing

Extensive experience in electronics manufacturing

Since 1969 Pulstec Industrial has worked in the area of electronics accumulating more than 50 years of experience.

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Development and internal research

Development and internal research

Internal research and development with more than 100 registered patents and unique and original products

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Specialists in optical analytics

Specialists in optical analytics

X-ray Hardness Analyzers, 3D Scanner, Wave Sensors,Optical Discs Evaluation.

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Products List

Metrology and Laboratory

muraR - Escaner de Variación de Dureza Superficial Sin Contacto

muraR - Non-Contact Surface Hardness Variation Scanner

World's first technology! Automatic scanner of 'Hardness Variation' of surface of steel by non-contact and non-destructive inspection.

 muraR Video

  • High speed scanning of 'Hardness Variation'.
  • Enable to measure effect of heat treatment, machining burn and grinding burn by non-destructive inspection.
  • In-line inspection or integrated inspection by robot is available because of the small size and light weight sensor head.
  • Auto mapping function, judgment function is available by customizing software.
  • Free from visual inspection which needs special skills.
(micro) µ-X360s - Analizador Portatil de Estrés Residual de Rayos-X

(micro) µ-X360s X-Ray Portable Stress Analyzer

- Measurement of residual stress by X-ray diffraction for analysis of polycrystalline materials (metal, ceramic, crystallization, etc)

Steel, Iron, Aluminum, Titanium, Tungsten Carbide, Nickel, Copper, Vanadium, Chrome, Manganese, Cobalt ...

- Point measuring area 2.0mm diameter / depth 10µm