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PATLITE is dedicated to the manufacture of signal systems (visual and auditory) signaling for industrial processes. World reference, PATLITE products are, in short, the most popular in the world and are used by miles of small, medium and large companies for signaling processes. Favorites among CNC machine manufacturers, PATLITE semaphore lamps and their contacts in the industry, as well as their LED production tracking boards. The families of PATLITE products are few, although they are divided into traffic lights, speakers, lighting and boards, but the variety of each one is enormous. Variety of colors, combinations, patterns and interconnection capacity make PATLITE solutions the favorite brand of signal solutions integrators.




Ultra-bright LED work light, waterproof and resistant to oil and other chemical substances, with protection ratings of IP66G, IP67G, IP69K.

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Introducing our innovative LR6 with USB connection to a computer or USB interface. The new design uses the software library (DLL), so no special USB drivers are needed, and other operating systems can be integrated. It can also work with USB power. Ideal for office printers and other machines, as well as for Factory Automation, where information can be communicated from the production line. The program software used for the LU7-USB does not need to be changed, it is compatible with the LR6-USB.

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As part of Patlite's motto for "Safety, protection and comfort", we included the slogan in the explosive environment with our explosion-proof product line. Our Company uses certified agencies to ensure that our Explosion Proof Products meet the stringent requirements required to meet specific standards, such as ATEX and NEC. Because our clients rely on recognized agencies, we continue to strive for "Security, protection and comfort" to meet the demands of our customers.

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Products List

Signal Tower

WD-Z2 Sistemas de Adquisición de Datos Inalambricos

WD-Z2 Wireless Data Adquisition Systems

PATLITE WD-Z2 systems are a revolutionary low-cost complement for the implementation of IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) systems together with the PATLITE signal towers. WD-Z2 systems allow the wireless transmission of operational data while also providing physical, visual and audible indications. With WD-Z2 systems, you can acquire and visualize machine data in real time, regardless of the type or year of implementation, and ensure that operators respond efficiently, and even remotely, to the operating situation of machines and lines. production. Predicting maintenance, bottlenecks and increasing Total Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) is simpler than ever.

The components of the WD-Z2 system are:
The WDT transmitters / The signal towers of the lines LR, LE or LME / the signal receiver WDR-LE-Z2 / Data visualization software WDS-WIN01 / Software [mcFrame Signal Chain] monitoring (third party software)

Lámparas de Iluminación LED

LED Lighting Lamps

Ultra-bright LED work light, water and oil resistant, with IP66G and IP67G ratings designed exclusively for the machine tool industry. With its compact design and environmental resistance, its impermeability to the flight of scrap and oils makes it a perfect solution for tool machinery.

- DCLN-EX EXPLOSION-SAFE LED WORK LIGHT / The new design LED work light CLN model for areas with risk of explosion. With a thickness of 22.2mm, a brightness of 820lx, classification of IP66G / 67G, 69K, two colors of LED daylight (6500K) and mounting flexibility with a flexible adjustment of the angle of 180 degrees, and now for secure applications of explosion the CLN can be placed anywhere, it is especially suitable for use in the food industry.
- CLK-AG SERIES / CLK series of work lights Ultra-bright LED work light, waterproof and resistant to oil and other chemical substances, with protection indices IP66G, IP67G, IP69K.
- CLA LED LIGHT BAR / IP69K compliant, ultra-bright and uniform LED lighting, seven different sizes, waterproof
- CWA LED LIGHT BAR / An economical replacement, the thin LED light bar can overcome a conventional fluorescent lamp. The IP65 degree of protection is a standard that allows its installation in most common environments.

Alarmas Audibles con Sintetizador de Voz

Audible Alarms with Voice Synth

PATLITE offers an explosion-proof horn with pre-recorded melodies and bells, suitable for Zone applications.

- MELODY AND ALARM HORN / Melody / alarm horn New Patlite melody / alarm player for industrial applications has an incredibly compact design with a sound output of 110dB (at 1m). New features of the mode selection, including a sound synthesizer mode should be heard easier in factory and public address applications. Resistance to vibrations up to 4.5G, which is great for forklifts, AGV, etc ... An incredibly compact design with a sound of 110dB (at 1m).
- MODEL BM 50mm2 BUZZERS / The BM is a very small design, with two buzzer sounds, ideal to be installed in control panels or in production equipment.
- MODEL BK 120mm2, 32 SOUNDS / The BK series of panel mounting stores 32 different pre-recorded sounds, with compact and powerful speaker, suitable for noisy factories.
- MODEL EWH 32 SOUNDS / The EWHS model contains 32 pre-recorded sounds in a unit, with only one channel for applications that need to control the "On / Off", etc. The EWHS has an original wide-speaker design that produces clear, high-volume sound. The DIP switch's sound selection makes EWHS ideal for automated applications that need only one input to distinguish their warning from the other machines in the factory.

Torres de Luz y Señales de Advertencia

Signal Light and Warning Towers

The PATLITE range of signal towers presents a wide variety of possible configurations for any process signaling need.
- ME-A / MES-A SERIES: Ultra thin LED turrets (25mm) with high durability aluminum body, up to 5 colors and modular assembly.
- MP / MPS / MP-C SERIES: Ultra Thin LED turrets (30m) similar to the ME line, but with IP65 for weather resistance. MP-C models have quick disconnect.
- LCE / LCE-U: LED turrets with up to IP65 and integrated alarms up to 85dB (1m) and 40mm diameter. Great price and low energy consumption.
- LCS / LCS-U / LE / LES-A / LME: LED turrets of accessible price and great quality. IP54 and modular assembly. 40, 50, 60mm in diameter.
- LA6 SERIES - MULTICOLOR SIGNAL LED / This newly innovative compact LED signal light is designed for long life, a multi-colored LED matrix for easy application in any environment and excellent protection against moisture and dust with an IP65 protection classification (IP54 with buzzer). With up to 5 levels and multiple color configurations. Diameter 60mm-
- LR SERIES - MULTICOLOR SIGNAL LED (4 colors) / Modular multi-colored modular construction light. Great versatility of options (40, 50, 60, 70mm in diameter), manual, USB or integrable to process. Compatible with the Wireless Data Acquisition System WD-Z2)
- NHL SERIES - MULTICOLOR SIGNAL LED (4 colors) FOR LAN / / Modular light up to 4 colors (red, yellow, green, blue) modular construction for connection in LAN networks (60mm diameter)