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NT Tool Corporation JAPAN is one of the most well-known manufacturers of cutting tool clamping systems in the world, one of the most preferred by Japanese companies worldwide. With a strong focus on the specific needs of the client, NT Tool specializes in solutions tailored to the process. But not only for specific solutions, the production lines of NT Tool have the variety of products necessary to meet the needs of the metal-mechanical industry. Among the specialized tools, the optical adjustment tools of the AEGIS-i line are a reference in the industry regarding optical adjustment machines.

Adjustment machines (presetters)

  • Tool Holders: Clamping systems for cutting tools 
  • Collet Inserts (accessories)
  • Presetter Adjusting Machines




If you have application problems, let us know! NT TOOL has many unique tools and standard tools. We do custom / special tools to meet your specs.

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NT TOOL's rust-proofed holders maintain processing accuracy without additional rust prevention. Special rust proof coating on entire surface including the tapered shank. (CAT, BT, SK only).

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Optical easy-to-use software suitable for non-experienced first users makes the learning curve easy.

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Products List

Tool Holder

Boost Master - Herramienta de Limpieza para CNC de Alta Presión (Jet)

BOOST MASTER - High Pressure Jet Cleaning Tool for CNC

Clean and remove cutting chips from your machined pieces with high pressure (15Mpa) coolant from the same CNC machine's cooling system directly from a tool in your magazine (ATC). Eliminate the need for subsequent high pressure washing, improve the production process and reduce process times, minimizing your investment and energy expenditure.

SMH Synchrofit II - Portaherramienta para Machuelado

SMH Synchrofit II Tapping Chuck

The NT Tool Synchrofit II Chuck has an elastic design that reduces stress tension therefore improving tool service time.

Hydro Chuck Omega (PCH-H) - Portaherramientas Hidráulico

Hydro Chuck Omega (PCH-H) Hydraulic Toolholder

No more compromises between grip strength and precision for rough machining! Greater hydraulic pressure capacity and greater rigidity thanks to a greater grip area that moves the flex point higher up the tool.

Máquinas para Ajuste de Herramienta de Corte

Cutting Tool Preseter Machine

NT Tool adjustment machines (presetters) are a reference in the metal-mechanic industry. The most popular machine in the group is the AEGIS-i line. Either in its compact version or in the integrated version, the screen where the adjustment geometry is presented will help you to have the tools always in the necessary position, ensuring the quality of the machining. Robust and easy to use, the AEGIS-i line is the perfect solution and complement for your process.

Insertos y Accesorios para Portaherramienta

Collet Inserts and Toolholder Accesories

Inserts and accessories:

Many cutting tools from different companies do not have the same geometry, so changing brands is sometimes not an easy task; On the other hand, some grip solutions require the use of inserts for tightening and clamping. The NT Tool inserts ensure a uniform grip of the cutting tool thanks to its high quality materials and manufacturing.

We invite you to download the catalog for more information.

Sistemas de Sujeción para Herramienta de Corte

Toolholders for Cutting Tools

The NT Tool tool holder lines include a variety of technologies to meet any machining need in any tool configuration of margins of use in the market:

  • Milling chuck holder
  • Collet holder
  • "R Zero" holder line
  • Hydraulic chuck holder
  • Shrink-fit thermal holders
  • Tapping holders
  • Indexed cutting insert arbor tool holders
  • Multibore Tooling holders
  • Drill function holders