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MITUTOYO Corporation is a world leader in metrology equipment. The brand's range of equipment ranges from manual tools ("small tool", gauges, micrometers, indicators of various types, interior meters, king's feet), surface measuring machines (roughimeters, profilometers, circumference meters), vision equipment (projectors, microscopes), hardness testers (Rockwell, Vickers), coordinate machines (CMM, CNC of Vision) and measurement patterns (standard blocks, height patterns), as well as computerized direct and wireless capture systems of data and measurement tracking systems.




Being one of the largest distributors of metrology tool in the world, there is always an expert available to support your needs; in Mexico Mitutoyo has 5 offices and representation of Yamazen for the entire Mexican Republic.

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The Mitutoyo catalog is the largest on the market; practically with a solution for any machining problem.

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Over 80 years of development,innovation and aquired knowledge, the MITUTOYO brand is a symbol of quality and reliability.

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Products List

Metrology and Laboratory

Redondímetro Óptico Sin Contacto ROUNDTRACER FLASH

ROUNDTRACER FLASH Zero-Contact Optical Roundness Measuring System

The ROUNDTRACER FLASH roundness measuring system is the perfect solution for accurate quality control in the laboratory as well as in the production environment. Roundtracer Flash is a fast and durable optical measuring unit based on side-by-side 2D image architecture, meaning that images are acquired by different sensors and perfectly combined together in order to generate one single resultant image. As a result, Roundtracer Flash is capable of measuring parts up to 300 mm in length without any vertical movement of the sensors or the part itself.

MiSTAR 555 Máquina de Medición por Coordenadas (CMM)

MiSTAR 555 Coordinates Measuring Machine (CMM)

MiSTAR 555 - CMM CNC para medir en producción

Versatilidad. Simplicidad de uso. Diseño compacto. La mejor de su clase en velocidad y aceleración. Garantía de precisión con el rango de temperatura más amplio para una máquina tridimensional de taller. Resistencia excepcional a la contaminación. Con la nueva MMC CNC MiSTAR Serie 555, la medición con precisión directamente en producción nunca será la mismo.

Máquinas de Medición por Coordenadas CMM

CMM Coordinate Measuring Machines

- CRYSTA Series: Standard CNC model with MICROCORD technology

- CRYSTA PlusSeries: Manual models with MICROCORD technology

- STRATO / FALCIO Series: High presicion models (0.9+2.5L/1000)µm / (2.8+4L/1000)µm with MICROCORD technology

- LEGEX Series: Ultra-high presicion models (0.35+L/1000)µm

- MACH Series: In-production-line high performance 24/7 CNC models.

- CARB Series: Specialy design CNC model for car frame measurement with MICROCORD technology

- CMM measuring software: MCOSMOS / MSURF / MiCAT

Durómetros (Medidores de Dureza)

Hardness Testers

- (micro) Vickers Hardness testers Serie HM/HV : from small force testing suited for PCB's to high performance, high force testing for hard materials.

- Rockwell Hardness testers Series HR: Electric motor test-weight load, analogic, digital and electronic control..

- HARDMATIC Portable hardness testers: Impact type, digital and analogic for soft materials.

Máquinas de medición de Forma y Rugosidad

Shape, Countour and Roughness Measurement Machines

- Surftest : exceptional performance in different situations such as quality laboratories and production areas

- Contracer : high precision + high functionality + high operability

- Formtracer : hybrid machine with dual function capability (surface roughness and contour measurement)

- Roundtest : for efficient high precision roundness, centering and cilindricity measurement. 

Sistemas de Ópticos de Metrología

Optical Metrology Systems

- Quick Vision: laser focus that allows stable measurement of heights (surface focus), CCD cameras that eliminate visual alignment by the operator, programmable path and pattern operations, programmable LED ring light, ultra-high accuracy available (0.01µm , (0.25 + L / 1000) µm). Models with optional probe for measurement of hidden geometries in 3D.

- Quick Scope: With CNC or manual vision measurement system equipped with a color CCD or color CMOS camera and coaxial illumination

- Quick Image: Manual measurement by 2D vision that offers high efficiency measurement with double telecentric optical system.

- QVPAK Processing Software, ideal for press or resin molded products and electronic components.

MeasureLink - Sistemas de Datos de Medición (Software)

MeasureLink - Measurement Data Systems (Software)

MITUTOYO provides software and data capture automation elements that allow you to capture, organize and access measurement data practicaly immediately. The MEASURE LINK application, together with the Digimatic and U-Wave devices, allow you to efficiently capture and process the total metrology data of your process.

Micrómetros y Cabezales Micrométricos

Micrometers and Micrometer Heads

- Micrometers: allow measurements with 1µm resolution, ideal for those who need to make high accuracy measurements, refrigerant-proof with protection against dust / water and refrigerants. Outdoor with ABSOLUTE technology and adjustable measuring force.

- Digimatic micrometer heads: The micrometer heads mounted on precision measuring instruments are used for feeding and positioning. With different measuring ranges, stem type and body size.



- Digimatic: No need for tedious origin restoration, measurement can be started at any time and there is no restriction on operating speed.

- Calipers: Basic and simple design, with stepped graduation surface prevents the entry of dust between scale and cursor. You can measure exterior and interior dimensions, depth, and steps.

- Digimatic height gauges: Set from the origin (ABS measurement mode). Any arbitrary value can be stored as the point of origin.

- Linear height: System for flexible measurements in 2D of super high accuracy and use on the shop floor

- Depth gauges

Bloques Patrón y Supereficies de Referencia

Block Gauges, Height Checkers, Glass Gauges and Reference Surfaces

- Gauge blocks: All Mitutoyo gauge blocks meet or exceed known specifications.

- Height Master: The Height Master is a hot selling product with a name that has become the industry terminology for height reference instruments.

- Reference standards: High stability glass scales manufactured under Mitutoyo's advanced technology for the production of linear scales.

- Flat reference surfaces: Used with a dial indexer (optional), the center table allows you to accurately measure concentricity on cylindrical parts.

Indicadores de Carátula

Dial Gauges

- Digimatic indicators: With solar energy supply. An environmentally friendly measuring instrument that does not require a battery, eliminating the hassle and cost of replacing a battery. It can operate under minimum lighting conditions of 40 lux.

- Dial indicators: Due to the recognition of the importance of measurement technologies, the demands on dial indicators are many and varied: installation in measuring devices, mounting in innumerable types of accuracy equipment, etc.

- Lever-type dial indicators: Useful for aligning or measuring narrow or deep places, which cannot be reached with a normal dial indicator. The new Mitutoyo structure allows for smooth needle operation.

Escalas Lineales

Linear Scales

- ABSOLUTE Digimatic Scale: facilitates mounting on devices, tools and small machines to allow exact positioning

- Linear scales: With a wide variety of measurement intervals, this standard type scale is available

- Digital scales: Low cost, high performance 2 or 3 axis counter