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High Precision Digital Gauges

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 Magnescale is a leading manufacturer of digital height products (digital gauge products), using recording and magnetic detection principles with more than 50 years of development. High resolution and precision, as well as high environmental resistance (IP67) to shocks and vibration make Magnescale products unique on the market. Innovative spindle designs allow torsion resistance and sub-micron repeatability for a wide variety of applications.

Since the company's establishment in 1969 and the development of Magnescale's unique products, we have strived through the support of our many customers to provide measurement devices that are easier to use, as well as high-precision, high-speed scales.

During that time, the world's industries have continued to reform and advance, while technological innovation in information equipment has been particularly pronounced. This has led to greater convenience in society as the technology becomes more sophisticated.

At Magnescale, in the area of high precision measurement technologies, our core principles guide us in building our business by encouraging and promoting superior craftsmanship principles. Originated from tape recorder magnetic storage technology and featuring high resistance to environmental stress and offering exceptional precision and high resolution, for example, our Magnescale products have fueled progress in the industry of the machine tool. Meanwhile, originating from optical disc-derived optoelectronic technologies, and developed with electronic miniaturization in mind, our Laserscale products have contributed to enhance advanced semiconductor technologies and high-density production equipment. Also, in today's manufacturing industry.


Detection Principle MR Sensor

Detection Principle MR Sensor

Unique magnetic detecting principle, high speed sampling (20MHz), no thermal drift

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Ball Spline Spindle Construction Improvement

Ball Spline Spindle Construction Improvement

Long operational life, with excellent shock and vibration resistance help reduce overall maintenance costs.

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An accuracy chart is attached with every product. Measurement data is generated by equipment traceable to national standards.

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Products List

Metrology and Laboratory

Series MF / LT / LY Monitores Numéricos Digitales

Series MF / LT / LY Digital Counter Displays

Magnescale Counting Display devices provide a quick and visible way to asset the current measurements form the digital gauges with several different options for managing the information such as: preset, tolerance setting, Go/NoGo display, output reversal function, from up to three axes (depending on the device model).

Series MG - Interfaces para Dispositivos Magnescale

Series MG Interface Units for Magnescale Devices

Interface devices to connect and gather data from MAGNESCALE digital gauges. Transfer data to PLC or computers through different connection protocols (Ethernet, PROFINET, CC-Link and/or RS-323C.

Series DT - Indicadores Digitales de Alturas

Series DT Digital Gauges

Slim and compact general-purpose gauges with 1 μm resolution

Series DK - Indicadores Digitales  de Alturas

Series DK - Digital Gauge

Wide range, high precision, rugged general purpose meters. Suitable for machine installation.

Series DS800S - Indicadores Digitales de Alturas

Series DS800S Digital Gauges

Slim, compact and with a high resolution of 0.1 μm and 0.5μm. The maximum response speed has also advanced further. Direct connection to PC through a 'hub' or direct via USB.

Series DF800S - Indicadores Digitales de Alturas

Series DF800S - Digital Gauges

Slim, compact and with a high resolution of 0.1 μm maximum. The maximum response speed has also advanced further.

Series DK800S - Indicadores Digitales de Alturas

Series DK800S Digital Gauges

Measurement range: 5 mm, 12 mm Resolution: 0.1 μm, 0.5 μm. Output format: phase A / B, voltage differential line controller. Easily connectable to a powered PC or USB hub. Slim 8mm body and 80m/min maximum response speed.