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More than 50 years later, with extensive back-up experience, Kyocera has become a world reference in mechanical cutting tools, indexable inserts, heads and round cutting tooling.
- Machining (milling) in iron, steel, aluminum, copper, alloys.
- Turning (lathe), including holders.
- Drilling with drill or inserts.
- Grooving internal, external or lateral.
- Internal and external threading.
- Holders and customized tooling (custom tools)




Kyocera provides long life tools, machining quality and repeatability, which are key components in the manufacture of parts that meet the strict industry standards and allow it to grow as a profitable aerospace manufacturer.

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Kyocera provides optimal solutions for the manufacture of automotive parts (heads, cams, gears, brake parts, clutch parts, engine blocks)

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Kyocera has a huge variety of types and configurations of tools to achieve the best solution to your work: CBN, PCD, internal holders, external holders, chipbreakers, cutters...

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Products List

Tool Holder

JCT Series - Porta Insertos Kyocera de Paso de Refrigerante

JCT Series Coolant-through Toolholders

Introducing the JCT Coolant-Through Series of insert holders

Carbide cutting inserts are but just half the solution to the industries complex machining problems, therefore Kyocera introduces the JCT Series Coolant-through holders. Whatever your necessity –turning, grooving, cut-off, threading- there is a JTC Series holder suited for your needs. The advantage of the JTC Series design compared to the competitors’ solutions is that the high pressure (1,015psi) coolant flow discharges directly to the cutting tool’s edge adding excellent added chip control and improving the already-extended tool life.

- Double-Clamp JCT

Included in the line-up is the Double-Clamp JCT model which also discharges from the clamping piece towards the rake surface of the insert through a unique nozzle shaped clamp pieces, facilitating higher speed machining with a direct three-jet flow of coolant.




- KGD-JTC for Grooving and Cut-Off

The KGD model discharges directly to the rake surface and flank face of the insert, greatly improving the chip control even at low feed-rates.




- KTN-JTC for Threading


By providing efficient tool cooling from the clamping piece and, the defect rate is drastically reduced. The coolant jet smoothly evacuates chips away from the cutting edge reducing clogging, preventing chip re-cutting and helping chip breaking (at over 870psi). All these, when combined with the TQ chip breaker design result in greater productivity on your threading processes.


Solid Cutting Tool

Herramientas Sólidas Redondeadas de Corte

Solid Round Cutting Tools

- Drill bits - Cutters (square, round, radius) - Routers - Thread cutters- Boring bars - Rims

Indexable Insert

CCX - CVD - Insertos Carburo para Acabado

CCX - CVD Coated Cermet Insert for Finishing

The  CCX series of CVD inserts provide greater productivity and high speed machining thanks to a newly developed unique cermet base and thick coating. It has a wide range of cutting speeds, ranging from general to high speed. Ideal for finishing machining on steel or cast iron. 

(Positive inserts added to the line-up)

DRV Magic Drill - Brocas de Inserto Indexables

DRV Magic Drill Indexable Insert Drill

The Magic Drill DRV is an economical insert line-up with 4 cutting edges, excellent chip evacuation with 6D maximum deep-hole drilling.

The Magic Drill DRV line-up has a highly rigid design with outstanding chattering resistance in order to provice excellent hole accuracy. It allows High Speed and Highly Efficient Machining Available with the Combination of a CVD Outer Insert and PVD Inner Insert.

Magic Drill / DRA - Puntas de Taladrado Intercambiables

Magic Drill / DRA Interchangeable Drill Bits

- Magic drill DRA / High performance interchangeable tip drills.

Excellent design for high drilling precision with low cutting force.

Herramientas de Ranurado

Grooving Cutting Tools

- External grooving

- Internal grooving

- Ribbing grooving

Herramientas para Corte de Boreado

Boring Cutting Tools

Kyocera tool types:

- Solid
- For boreado / dynamics
- For boring in bearing machines
- Anti-vibration damping system
- For negative inserts
- For CBN / ceramic inserts
- Rod sleeves in boreado

Herramientas de Corte para Torneado Externo

Outside Turning Cutting Tools

External turning tools for:

- General purposes

- Ceramic tools

- Solid CBN tools

- Bearing machines

Insertos de Boro y Diamante CBN / PCD para Corte de Maquinado

Boron and Diamond Cutting Inserts CBN / PCD

CBN inserts and bars type: Megacoat CBN / Negative turning / Negative turning (no hole) / Positive turning / External grooving / Micro bore I

PCD inserts and type bars: Negative turning / Positive turning / External grooving / Rolled aluminum / Turning / Grooving / Micro-boring (EZ bars, System tip-bars, Tip-Bars)

Insertos Cermámicos para Corte de Torneado

Ceramic Turning Cutting Inserts

Designed for better machining performance, increasing insert life and productivity during turning. For all types of turning of hard parts, aluminum, non-ferrous and non-metallic.Cermet: Designed specifically for turning hardened steels, and can be found in common ISO standardized geometries in both the metric and imperial systems. Making use of new bimodal substrates and advanced coatings, along with materials with thicker sizes and cutting edges with optimized profiles, you will achieve constant machining performance, increasing the life of the inserts and productivity.

CA025P CVD - Insertos de Cobertura de Carburo

CA025P CVD Coated Carbide Inserts

Introducing the CVD Coated Carbide Grade for Steel CA025P:

The next generation on chemical vapor coating (CVD) coated inserts grade CA025P from Kyocera Precision Tools features a new substrate (thickened alumina) and new chemical deposition process that allow improved wear resistance and reduced plastic deformation for high temperatures (compared with the competitors’ products), providing a smooth surface during the tool’s lifetime. 

Insertos de Corte Kyocera por Grados

Kyocera Cutting Inserts Series

- CBN inserts: the second hardest material, after diamond.

- Cermet inserts: Composite material that combines ceramic and metal

- CVD inserts: P provide stable and efficient cutting at high speeds

- PVD Inserts: Kyocera's PVD coated carbides for turning use very strong carbide substrates.

- PVD / CVD inserts: For milling and drilling they use very resistant carbide substrates.

- Carbide Inserts: Carbide is used in a variety of applications for non-ferrous materials and micrograin carbides for precision cutting.

- Ceramic inserts: Capable of operating at high speeds, thus reducing costly machining time.

- PCD inserts: Synthetic diamond sintered at high temperatures and pressures; ideal for non-ferrous and non-metal metals.

Insertos Cerámicos Indexables de Corte

Insertos Cerámicos Indexables de Corte

Indexable cutting tool for machining:
The KYOCERA cutting tools cover any machining need in any material. All operations (machining, turning, boring, grooving, drilling, tapping) of any industry (automotive, biomedical, hydrocarbon, aerospace) can be solved with the KYOCERA indexable elements.