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Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaning Machines

KAIJO Corporation is a manufacturer of ultrasonic cleaning machines. With more than 50 years in experience, KAIJO is considered as a highly reliable ultrasonic cleaning solutions. KAIJO solutions allow deep and consistent cleaning of manufactured parts such as: 

Metalic machined parts: mechanized, pressed, casting, heat-treated, blasted/polished.

Electronical manufactures: Semi-conductors, HDD parts, LED's/FPD

Other industries: Medical, Optical, Food, Precision Parts

KAIJO has been developing high performance ultrasonic cleaning equiment to best suit the consumer needs, and in order to ensure solution's performance, constant testing is done with a variety of actual objects.

Low frequencies are used for difficult stains or coarse particles while higher frequencies are use for fine particles.


Worlwide leading ultrasonic cleaning machines

Worlwide leading ultrasonic cleaning machines

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Variety of cleaning solutions for any situation

Variety of cleaning solutions for any situation

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Continuos Research and Development

Continuos Research and Development

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Washing Machines

QUAVA Series Sistemas Ultrasónicos para Lavado Industrial

QUAVA Series Ultrasonic Systems for Industrial Washing

The QUAVA Series line-up work within the middle-upper frequency range of the KAIJO ultrasonic solutions,all the way up to 3,000kHz (3MHz) and multiple oscillation modes.

- QUAVA Multi: 26kHz-160kHz / This generator drives three frequencies to one transducer array without degrading efficiency.
- QUAVA mini REACTOR: 26kHz-1.6MHz / Compact and versatile, suitable for cleaning precision parts and small substrates.
- QUAVA: 26kHz-950kHz / High Power generator designed for precise cleaning of machine parts, ceramics, circuit, medical and optic components. 4 oscillation modes available.
- QUAVA Spot: 430kHz-3000kHz(3MHz) / Design for superfine cleaning while minimizing sonic damage to fragile items such as HDD Media, FPD glass and semiconductor wafers,  

PHENIX Series Sistemas Ultrasónicos para Limpieza Industrial

PHENIX Series Ultrasonic Systems for Indusutrial Washing

The PHENIX Series line-up work on within the middle-lower frequency range of the KAIJO ultrasonic solutions, from 26kHz up to 160kHz 

- PHENIX+ (Plus): 26kHz-38kHz / An IoT cleaner with simple configuration and auto-tuning advance adjustment.
- PHENIX III: 26kHz-38kHz / Optimal functionality for high quality cleaning for heavy grease on mechanical parts. 
- PHENIX HYPER: 72kHz / Increased cleaning power while reducing possible damage.
- PHENIX LEGEND II: 100kHz-160kHz / Medium range for precision cleaning.

TORNADO - Sistema de Lavado Ultrasónico Mixto

TORNADO Ultrasonic Cleaning System

The KAIJO TORNADO system is an assembly in 3 workstations composed of ultrasonic washing, rinsing and drying. Excellent for small parts such as machined parts, stamped or mechanical assemblies (bearings, hardware, metal instruments). Cleans, degreases, removes rust and can provide anti-corrosive treatment (with specialized rinsing). Ultrasonic cavitation cleaning PHOENIX III @ 600W (26kHz) and 1200W (38kHz).