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Cartesian Robotic Systems, Servo Press and Dispensers

JANOME Industrial Equipment is the company's industrial robotic solutions division, building on precision technology cultivated through years of sewing machine development. Always on the cutting edge in manufacturing, JANOME offers the finest quality every step of the way from product development to after sales service.



omplete line-up of precise robotics assembly solutions.

- SERVOPRENSES: Electromechanical presses of high precision and advanced control. Compact and functional.

- DESKTOP ROBOTS: High precision, versatile and easy to use, with abundant capacities and wide range of movements.

- SCARA SERIES ROBOTS: Easy to use managed with original JANOME software; speed, precision and high capacity.

- CARTESIAN ROBOTS: Multifunctional with high performance and great ease of use.




With around 100 years of history, JANOME constant pursuit is to improve peoples live with rich and creative solutions, products and services.

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JANOME's products merge all the company's different technical strengths into precise industrial products.

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From Japan, to North and South America, Oceania and Europe, JANOME has technical offices available for support.

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Products List

Press Machine

JP Series 5 Stand-Alone - Servo Prensas

JP Series 5 Stand-Alone - Servo Press

Ready-to-use solid 'C' frame servo presses. They can be used manually with dual-button control without the need for light curtains or area sensors, or the button pad may be removed for automated production cell installation (JPF models). The LCD front panel allows displaying the load/speed process data and different stop conditions can be configured in relation to: position, load, distance, time, etc. You can evaluate the production part's quality with Go/No go criteria. Configure, save and display data on your PC via Ethernet connection.

  • Max Load Up to: 50 kN
  • Stroke lenght: 80, 100, 150, 200 mm
  • Aprox. speed.: up to 200 mm/sec.
  • Position presicion: +/- 0.005 mm
  • Jug Capacity: up to 100 kg (mod. 5005)

*May be used in clean rooms (ISO4 Clase 10).

JP Series 5 - Servo Prensas

JP Series 5 Servo Press

State-of-the-art servo press, high speed and high precision with improved interface that allows traceability of operations with 2 pressure sensor modes, 8 position sensor modes and multiple data transmission/reception options. Perfect for: fitting, punching, drawing, cutting, compression, testing, etc.

  • Maximum load up to: 80 kN
  • Travel: 80, 100, 150, 200 and 400 mm
  • Velocidad de aprox.: up to 414 mm/sec.
  • Position accuracy: +/- 0.005 mm
  • Jig capacity: up to 20 kg

*Clean room compatible (ISO4 Clase 10) except JPU-8005


SCARA JS3 Series - Brazo Robótico

SCARA JS3 Robotic Arm

The SCARA JS-3 is a 4 axis highly rigid robot arm designed for speed, precision and heavy payload capacity. JANOME original, user-friendly teaching software makes both equipment setup and fine tuning during operation easy. Useful for a wide range of tasks, from transporting small parts to assembly operations. The positioning is achieve through an absolute encoder, while AC servomotors provide fast and powerful movements.

JC-3 Series - Robot Cartesiano 3 Ejes

JR3000 Series Desktop Robot

High performance, user friendly, multifunctional cartesian desktop robot with plenty of stroke combinations. And All-in-One unit with a rich selection of axis lengths, convenient installation settings, easy pendant program teaching, the JC-3 Series is an ideal solution for fluid dispensing, screw tightening operations and many more posible operations. (Special characteristics may be requested on-demand).

With Ethernet (LAN), COM ports and FIELDBus port, the JC-3 Series may run or re-write programs or specify axes position from PLCs. Also, compatible with camera vision systems for automatic calibration or CCD adjustem functions. The axis' range use absolute encoders, so no "home" position is necessary.




JR3000 Series - Robot de Mesa

JR3000 Series Desktop Robot

The JR3000 Desktop Robot is a multifunctional robot designed to work with multiple different manufacturing process, either as a stand-alone production position or as part of an automated assembly line. Rigid, compact, versatile and easy-to-use; fluid dispensing, small screw tightening or many other operations. 3 to 4 axes adjustment function, purge button, fill-in; screw detection, length, pitch and driver rotations;  turn-table compatible and many more functions.

Operation range: 200x200x50 mm ~ 510x620x150 mm. Up to 20kg of loading capacity.

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