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Controlled Torque Screwdrivers and Analyzers

DELVO is NITTO KOHKI's brand of electric torque-controlled screwdrivers and fastening solutions. Sharing NITTO KOHKI's other products' quality of manufacture, DELVO tightening solutions are well suited for high precision fastening of small screws with accurate torque control; PC's, smartphones, printers, automotive components are some between the many products assembled by DELVO products with highly stable quality.




Superior features of the DELVO line-up:

   - Repeatable accuracy: Consistent torque results
   - Faster: Cut-down fastening time
   - Quieter: Difference you can hear - or not!
   - Low recoil: Sofisticated clutch and motor braking systems reduce fatigue
   - Brushless motors: No carbon dust, no sparks, no maintenance!
   - Durability: Sturdy and brushless equals long-life.

LINE-UP TORQUE RANGE: 0.02~4.5Nm (0.18~39.8 lb.in.)


Shared NITTO KOHKI'S proffessional high quality tools committment

Shared NITTO KOHKI'S proffessional high quality tools committment

DELVO screwdrivers share the same passion and commitment for quality as the rest of the NITTO KOHKI tools.

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Wide range of operation options

Wide range of operation options

Automotive, optical, manufacturing, manteinance, electronics, automation, DELVO covers all screw fastening necessities

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Data Traceability Software

Data Traceability Software

In-House developed software allows select models to share and save fastening data.

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Products List

Electric Driver

DLV S Series - Destornillador eléctrico sin Carbones con Contador de Tornillos

DLV S Series Variable Speed Brushless Screwdriver with Screwcounter

The DLV S Series Variable Speed Brushless Screwcounter Driver is a flexible system with a 3-step variable speed fastening configuration that allows great accuracy on specialized or difficult screw tightening operations. The DLV Series allows for a low-speed start / high-speed approach / low-speed finishing operations. 


DLC C Series - Destornillador Electrónico Sin Carbones d/Torque Controlado

DLC C Series Current Control Brushless Screwdriver

The DELVO C Series Current Controlled Screwdriver is the utlimate controlled torque screwdriver. The current controlled motor allows for multiple torque setting programs; up to 30 different settings may be achieved in one single driver! (DLV45C / DCC0241X-AZ controller model). Substitute many drivers with a single unit, count the installed screws while maintaining specific torque and speed setting for each operation,you can even control the operation time/pulse! (DLV45C). Save time, space, money and avoid human error! Set-up the device either from a controller box (DLV04/10C) or from a software interface (DLV45C).

DLV - Destornilladores de Torque Controlado s/Carbones

DLV Brushless Series Screwdrivers

DELVO's DLV A Series of brushless screwdrivers are an Eco-friendly, no carbon dust, low maintenance brushless motor option with the same quality and endurance as the other DELVO brush-type line-up. With even higher torque options, the S Brushless Series reach up to 7Nm and speeds up to 2000 RPM. The A Series is also compatible with DELVO's screwcounter. NOTE: Series A does not have screw counters, for counting operations on brushless screwdrivers, check Series C and S.

DLV Destornilladores de Torque Controlado c/Carbones

DLV Carbon Brush Series Screwdrivers

The DLV Brush Motor Series represent DELVO's standard carbon brush operated models. With torque capacities ranging from 0.02 to 4.5 Nm the DLV Brush Motor Series provide high torque accuracy and repeatability, either with a DC external power supply or direct AC power supply. Both lever and push to start options and screwcounter compatible models available.

Metrology and Laboratory