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Compact CNC Machining Centers

The SPEEDIO Series is a series of #30 spindle compact machining center, higher productivity than our CNC Tapping Center Series and demonstrates excellent environmental performance and machining capability.


Non Stop ATC

Non Stop ATC

Rapid scrolling magazine. and the technology of simultaneous control of operations that allows the joint movement of the axes and the ATC, reducing the accumulated time of the process.

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Improved Acceleration in X / Y / Z Axes Offset

Improved Acceleration in X / Y / Z Axes Offset

Changes in the servo motors allow to increase the acceleration in the axes up to 100% in the case of the Z axis, allowing a reduction of approx. 25% in the positioning of the axis.

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Improvements in precision and three-dimensional machining

Improvements in precision and three-dimensional machining

Improvements in the encoder and new Off-set functions allow to improve the precision in circular machining and new 3D controls along with the high-speed spindle (27,000 rmp -optional-) allow to perform high-precision three-dimensional machining.

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Products List

Machining Center

SPEEDIO H550Xd1 Centro de Maquinado Horizontal Compacto CNC

SPEEDIO H550Xd1 Compact Horizontal CNC Machining Center

The new H550Xd1 CNC machine from Brother's SPEEDIO line is a high productivity and excellent performance BT30 horizontal machining center. Equipped with a rotary table (B-axis), ample work space for jigs and parts, and a capacity for 30 tools, the H550Xd1 allows for the machining of long, multi-sided parts. Equipped with the new CNC-D00 touch screen digital control shared by the entire Xd1 line.

SPEEDIO U500Xd1 Centro de Maquinado Universal Compacto CNC

SPEEDIO U500Xd1 Universal Compact Machining Center

The U500Xd1 Series of compact universal machining centers promotes the integration of machining, milling, drilling and tapping processes on multiple faces of the part thanks to the integration of the tilting rotary table that provides 2 extra axes of movement with a capacity of 500mm of diameter for jigs, which combined with capacity for up to 28 tools allows machining on all visible faces of the workpieces, giving it superior performance to the rest of conventional #30 machines. Plus, the U500Xd1 Series' minimal footprint allows you to save space on your shop floor without sacrificing the variety of jobs you can do.

SPEEDIO W1000Xd1/2 Centro de Maquinado

SPEEDIO W1000Xd1 Wide CNC Machining Center

The compact CNC W1000Xd1 is the X-axis extended travel version of the BROTHER SPEEDIO line. This version eliminates space and performance expenses in a machine that is still fast, powerful and compact compared to others with similar performance within the competition. With a 1000mm X axis-cut travel and up to 1140mm capacity for extra jigs or rotary tables, the SPEEDIO W1000Xd1 is ideal for aerospace or automotive parts production.

BV7-870 Sistema de Brazo Robótico de Carga para BROTHER SPEEDIO CNC

BV7-870 Robotic Loading System for BROTHER SPEEDIO CNC

Robotic loading system for Speedio S500X2, S300X2 and M200X3 machines. Get more out of your CNC and automate the loading and unloading process of workpieces reducing processing time!

SPEEDIO S300Xd1 / S500Xd1 / S700Xd1 Centro de Maquinado CNC

SPEEDIO S300X2 / S500X2 / S700X2 CNC Machining Center

The new Xd1 version of the popular "Speedio S" line increases the range of machining capabilities with the implementation of the new CNC-D00 control and a new 28-tool magazine increasing productivity and increasing the variety of parts that can be machined. Max. capacity load up to 400kg, max. tool weight of 4kg, max. X axis traverse capacity up to 700mm (S700Xd1), internal tool coolant (CTS), simultaneous axis movement system and high-speed Non-Stop ATC tool. BT-30 (P30T-2).

SPEEDIO R450Xd1 / R650Xd1 Centro de Maquinado CNC

SPEEDIO R450X2 CNC Machining Center

The new Xd1 version of the popular SPEEDIO R line increases the range of machining capabilities with the implementation of the new CNC-D00 control, while the rotary loading table (QT -quick turn- Pallet Changer) that allows parts to be changed without wasting working time achieving continuous machining ("Wasted Time = Zero"). High capacity and power = unbeatable productivity with up to 40 tools! (R650Xd1). Ideal for high volume production applications.

SPEEDIO M200X / M300X (X3 / Xd1) Centro de Maquinado Combinado CNC

SPEEDIO M200X / M300X (X3 / Xd1) Combined CNC Machining Center

The SPEEDIO M200Xd1 and M300Xd1 or M200X3 and M300X3 series are high productivity CNC machines that combine turning and milling operations, achieving a great improvement in the production efficiency of mass and precision parts. Its turning capacity has a working volume of Ø450mm*H350mm for turning, Z offset of 380mm and torque of 102Nm/9.9kW@2,000min-1 (M300Xd1) allowing a wide variety of options with its 5-axis simultaneous machining.

SPEEDIO F600X1 Centro de Maquinado CNC  - Carga Pesada 500kg

SPEEDIO F600X1 CNC Machining Center - Heavy Load 500kg

The newest compact machining center of the SPEEDIO line. The F600X1 increases the load capacity up to 500kg by limiting the movement of the table only to the Y axis, while the spindle moves on X and Z, also increasing the travel distance in these axes, all without sacrificing the speed characteristic of the line SPEEDIO. It challenges BT-40's performing heavy duty tasks with BT-30 spindle.