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APISTE Corporation has quicly stablish itself as the go-to company for industrial cooling solutions for the manufacture industry. A designer, manufacturer and distributor of heat prevention equipment, APISTE provides heat control devices for electronic control units such as machine control panels and computer and communication networks racks, precision air conditioning units, liquids temperature control (oils and water chillers), temperature measurment equiment and sensors and clean environment systems such as clean booths/benches and mist collectors.

APISTE line up includes:

- MIST COLLECTORS (GME Series) for CNC units and machining processes.

- DUST COLLECTORS (GDE Series) for dust and/or fumes such as press or welding.

- OIL CHILLERS (VSC Series) for machining processes (cutting lubricants and coolants)

- WATER CHILLERS  (PCU Series) for circulating cooling water

- ELECTRONICS CONTROL PANEL COOLING (ENC and ENH Series) for electronics panel and units cooling

- INFRARED THERMOGRAPHY CAMERAS (FSV Series) high accuracy IP67 cameras with dedicated controllers.

- AIR CONTROL UNITS (PAU Series) Temperature and humidity control and air clean air filters.




APISTE products are developed under the most strict quality standards ensuring a satisfactory performance and amazing results

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Since its origins, APISTE constantly pursuits new challenges,continuosly expanding and renewing its product offer.

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APISTE is constantly expanding its operations through technically proficient distributors and representatives in order to provide fast at-location service wherever supplied.

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Products List

Environmental Improvement equipment

GME-F2200 Series - Colectores de Neblina

GME-F2200 Series Large Volume Mist Collector

The GME-F2200 Series are high-performance, large air volume capacity mist collectors with smoke-catching filter ideal for open machining equipment, branched piping systems or tightly-spaced machines where free space is scarce, providing outstanding airflow. The smoke-catching filter glass-fiber structure reduces clogging.


GME-S Series- Colectores de Neblina

GME-S Series Mist Collectors

APISTE GME-S Series positive pressure drain; the drain discharge direction is in the same direction of the air flow avoiding return of drained mist because of back pressure. Implementing the same rotating disk technology as the GME-R Series, the S Series also achieves a nearly maintenance-free status.

GME-R Series - Colectores de Neblina

GME-R Series Mist Collectors

With the impingement separation disc technology, the GME-R series models achieve long term "maintenance free" characteristics.


ENC Series - Enfriadores para Paneles sin Cloroflurocarbonos (CFC)

ENC Series - Non-Flon (CFC) Panel Coolers

Non-Flon (CFC) ecological panel coolers. Apiste has added non-drain, down-flow, and 100V models for a complete lineup for any situation.

ENC-GR-SUS: CFC-free / stainless steel waterproof for saline / Ultra-thin environments
ENC-GR: CFC-free / Minimal maintenance / radiator without finishes or filters
ENC-GR-eco: CFC-free / Minimal maintenance / low-power energy-saving / inverter control