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CNC machine price in Mexico starting from $ 50,000 USD.

January 28, 2021
CNC machine price in Mexico starting from $ 50,000 USD.

CNC machine price in Mexico starting from $ 50,000 USD.

Yamazen Mexicana, an industrial trader of Japanese origin and with a presence in Mexico since 2014; can provide in a timely manner according to your requirements, CNC Machines with an initial starting price starting at $ 50,000 USD * for machining centers, and CNC lathes starting at $ 60,000 USD *.

And you should not worry about anything else, because our services include, additional to delivery of the CNC Machines to your facilities, installation of pneumatic, hydraulic, and electrical services and initial configuration of the machine. In addition, we train your operating staff so that you can get the most out of your process with our CNC machines.

Yamazen’s diverse CNC machines offer sells for all of Mexico, ensuring the best price-quality ratio, with offers starting at $ 50,000 USD *; among the brands we handle are Brother, Takisawa, Yamasaki, Okamoto, Horkos, not counting many others of Japanese and Taiwanese origin that we have available.


CNC Milling Machine Price - Buy CNC Milling Machine

CNC milling machines are still one of the most common ways of metalworking. And manual lathes can cut metal, but they require a lot of manual labor and time. On the other hand, computer controlled CNC milling machines can help speed up the process and automate milling production at scale.

Industries that commonly use this type of computer controlled cutting equipment include automotive, aerospace, and even rocketry companies like Space X. To choose the right CNC machine for your type of production there are many types of machines that you should know about and consider, but the top to consider are vertical machining centers, horizontal machining centers, or lathes. In addition to other lathes that have universal applications such as 5-axis CNC machining centers.

We carry specific CNC machine tools from Japanese and Taiwanese brands to meet your production requirements.


Vertical Machining Centers - CNC Machine Price

Cutting tools for vertical mills are more common than horizontal mills, in part because of their cost and ease of use. They are usually less complicated to program and offer more flexibility, so they are better if you have pieces of very specific needs to work with. Another advantage is that they require less space than a horizontal milling machine. Vertical mills are typically for making smaller parts and large parts are made on horizontal machining centers. Due to the complexity and increasing features that are added to both types of machines, both types can be referred to as CNC machining centers.

Most CNC mills have the ability to move the spindle along the Z axis, allowing the freedom to engrave and make much more complex parts. When adding a fifth axis; the 'B' axis controls the inclination of the tool to make extremely complicated geometries. Most selections for CNC mills start with the size of the parts you plan to machine.

Some of the general benefits of vertical machining centers are:

• You can see what you are doing (horizontal mills generally have a blocked view)

• Vertical machining centers are less expensive than horizontal ones

• Vertical machining centers tend to be easier to program than horizontal mills

• Vertical mills tend to be smaller


Horizontal Machining Centers - CNC Horizontal Milling Machines Price

Vertical machining centers may seem like the answer, although their selection is not that simple due to the complexities required for different industries.

In contrast, one horizontal milling machine can be as productive as three vertical milling machines. Spindle utilization on a horizontal is 85% compared to a typical 25% on a vertical. The horizontal machining center uses better chip evacuation methods compared to vertical milling machines, which means less cuttings and longer tool life. The surface finish of a horizontal milling machine is also usually better.

These machines are very strong and are designed to withstand vibrations, so the working environment is quieter and the machine tends to last longer. Many owners believe that the additional initial investment in a horizontal mill is well worth it, as parts are less expensive to produce. Depending on the project, it might make sense to purchase an inexpensive, used horizontal mill to use exclusively in production. Software is available to help you program and run it at full capacity.

Some benefits of horizontal machining centers are:

• Higher production rate

• Quieter operation

• Better surface finishes

• Better chip management

• Better spindle utilization (more efficient)

• Fewer operators (although well trained)

• Pallet change options available for automated loading / unloading

If you have access to the talent to run a horizontal machining center and associated programs (such as CAD / CAM), consistent medium to high part runs, and the capital to invest, a horizontal mill may be the best option for you. However, if you are just getting started with machining, have a lot of varied jobs for a wide range of parts, and tend to make smaller parts, you probably want to select a used vertical mill.

To select from among similar CNC machines, compare the following points, in addition to the price:

• Horsepower of spindle drive motor

• Rapid travel speeds

• Max cutting feed rates.

• Tool change time (chip to chip)

• Torque

• Maximum spindle speeds

• Spindle speeds


At Yamazen, we work to help you in Spanish, Japanese or English. And our team of CNC machine experts is constantly working to bring more CNC milling machines to the Mexican market; and we can gladly inform you about the next wave of CNC machines that will be available throughout Mexico.

If you are ready to buy a CNC milling machine, machining center or lathe, we would like to help you find the best CNC machine option that is perfect for your shop and production process.

Do not hesitate and contact us. One of our experts in CNC machines can help you today for more details: (472) 748 6400, or write to us at info@yamazen.com.mx


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CNC machine price in Mexico starting from $ 50,000 USD.

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